Portion Sizes

How much pasta per serving?

We’ve all been there – struggling to figure out how much pasta to add to the pot, taking a guess and ending up with way too much. Or worse: not having enough for your table full of guests!  Whether you’re figuring out how to feed a crowd or watching your intake for health reasons, try these handy guidelines for pasta portion sizes.

One serving of pasta = 2 ounces
For shorter shapes like macaroni, shells, and spirals, 2 ounces = ½ cup dry or 1 cup cooked
For long shapes like spaghetti, linguini, and angel hair, 2 ounces = ½ inch bunch dry or 1 cup cooked.

And if you do end up with too much pasta,

Not sure about sauce either?

Just like pasta, a single portion of sauce is ½ cup. Try this easy tip for fast meals: freeze ½ cup portions of sauce to quickly add to any dish.

Get even more sauce tips here

Only 200 Calories

One serving of pasta is only 200 calories and full of vitamins and minerals, like 25% of the recommended daily intake of folic acid. Try adding vegetables, legumes, and lean protein to your serving of pasta for a power-packed meal.

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