Pasta 101 is now in session…

Do you know your pasta? From types of pasta to what pasta shapes pair best with which sauces, we take you through all the pasta facts and figures. You can even test your pasta knowledge with our Pasta IQ quiz. So whether you want to expand your cooking skills or prove to everyone you’re the ultimate pasta aficionado, get started below.

Types of Pasta

Learn what’s inside the box with this quick and handy to guide to the main types of pasta you’ll find in the grocery store.


Pasta Shapes Dictionary

With over 600 pasta shapes out there, it’s hard to keep track of them all! The Pasta Shapes Dictionary details the most popular shapes and the best ways to cook them.


Pasta IQ

Time to put your pasta knowledge to the test! Take our pasta trivia quiz to see if you’re a pasta genius – or if you still need to study a little harder.

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