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Make a Sustainable Meal Choice with Pasta and Pulses

Whether you make pasta for its delicious taste, health benefits, or affordability, you’re also making an environmentally friendly meal choice. When combined with pulses, another sustainable and healthy food group made up of the edible seeds of legume plants, this meal can be an excellent “green” choice that reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. […]

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Pasta Salads for Your Summer Barbecue

With the kick-off to summer right around the corner, it’s time to break out the summer pasta salad recipes! A cold pasta salad is the perfect component to every barbecue, all summer long. Whether you’re a meat-eater or a vegetarian, a refreshing pasta salad is the best way to complement your meal with plenty of […]

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Pasta is a convenient, nutritious, easy-to-prepare meal for families.  Pasta pleases even the pickiest of young eaters.  And now, even more good news: new research shows that pasta consumption in children and adolescents is associated with a better diet quality than that of children who do not eat pasta.  The research, which was presented at […]

Celebrate Mediterranean Diet Month with a Healthy Pasta Meal

There’s never a bad time to get into the kitchen and start embracing a healthier diet. But this time of year, the excitement for flavorful, nutritious meals really sizzles. That’s because May is International Mediterranean Diet Month. #MedDietMonth The Mediterranean Diet was made famous after scientists discovered that people living around the Mediterranean had remarkably […]

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Q&A with Russell Bellanca, co-owner of Alfredo 100 Restaurant

This month, we sat down with Russell Bellanca, co-owner of Alfredo 100 in Midtown Manhattan.  Russell shared his journey from his beginnings as the son of a famous restaurateur to becoming an innovative entrepreneur, balancing a fresh perspective on fine dining while maintaining the traditions of Italian Cuisine, especially the original Fettuccini Alfredo. We hope […]

Q&A with Kristen Hartke, Food Writer and Photographer

This month, we sat down with Kristen Hartke, a food writer and photographer. We chatted with Kristen all about what being a food writer entails, which ingredients inspire her to create new recipes, and tips to make your food more Instagrammable! Read what she had to say below! 1. Can you tell us a bit about […]

Q&A with Cindy Culver, School Nutrition Association Member

In honor of Back to School Month, we sat down with Cindy Culver, MS, RDN, LD, a member of the School Nutrition Association! We chatted with Cindy about how schools provide healthy lunches and how pasta fits into a nutrition lunch! Read on for all Cindy had to say! 1. As students head back to school, […]

Q&A with Laura T. Wilson of La Dolce Vita

This month, we sat down with Laura T. Wilson, chef and restaurant owner. Laura told us all about her professional training, how her European experiences influence her food, and shares a recipe for her Perfect Red Sauce. Read on for more about Laura and all that La Dolce Vita has to offer! 1. We know from your […]

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