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Diet, In The News
Dietitians Dish: Carbs Are Not The Enemy

With so much conflicting nutrition advice out there, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out what we should and shouldn’t be eating. One day we are told something is healthy for us, and the next day we’re told it’s not. Carbohydrates have often been targeted by dieters as unhealthy, but a new article from Yahoo! Shine explains why carbs are not the enemy.

Diet, In The News
New York Times Summer Pasta Salad

Looking to make a refreshing dish that will combat this summer’s brutal heat? We may have found exactly what you need! This week the New York times published a refreshing dish called “Pasta With Burst Cherry Tomatoes.” Interested in hearing more? Watch a video with the New York Times food writer here!

Diet, In The News
Should I Adopt a Gluten-Free Diet?

A new article published in The Wall Street Journal seeks to answer the popular question of whether or not a gluten-free diet offers real health benefits. Today, nearly 30% of Americans try to avoid products that contain gluten, but only a small percentage are actually gluten intolerant. Continue reading to find out more!

Pasta Spotlight

Q&A on Pasta and Exercise with Kim Hoban, RD

For many athletes, September also marks the beginning of Fall running season, as the cool weather makes Fall the optimal training season for long-distance events. We’ve asked registered dietitian, Kim Hoban to weigh-in on how to choose foods to fuel training!

Eat Well, Have Fun, and Keep Moving: Summer of Healthy Living

Pasta Fits fans flooded our recent “Pasta Fits Me” Pinterest contest with wonderful images of how they are creating healthy meals, staying active and making memories this summer.  Registered Dietitian Diane Welland offers the following tips reflecting the top trends seen from our contest’s leading boards.  Read below for some tips on healthy living. Color […]

Q&A with “The Gourmet Nutritionist”: Tina Ruggiero

Tina Ruggiero, “The Gourmet Nutritionist” works closely with the Pasta Fits team to bring you recipes that you will love and that fit into your healthy lifestyle. As we transition to warmer weather, Tina has some advice as to how to stay fit, eat well, and enjoy your summer!  1.      With summer upon us, can […]

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