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VIDEO: Pasta Water- It’s Liquid Gold!

So many people dump pasta water without realizing they can make a quick and delicious sauce with it! In fact, starchy pasta water helps to bind and thicken the sauce. In our latest video, Chef Tina Ruggiero shares how much water should be saved and how to make a quick, no-fuss sauce using leftover water.

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Bastianich Siblings New Book Reminds Us How Pasta Fits into a Healthy Diet

With so much conflicting nutrition advice in the media, it can become agonizing trying to figure out what foods are and aren’t healthy. Nutritious foods like pasta have wrongly gotten a bad reputation in recent years, but there’s a new book that wants to set the record straight. Healthy Pasta: The Sexy, Skinny and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food written by the Bastianich siblings, reminds readers that pasta should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen.

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New Study Reinforces The Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

A new study carried out by Harokopio University and published by the American College of Cardiology has found that closely following the Mediterranean diet can significantly lower your risk of heart disease. The researchers found that the Mediterranean diet, which consists of grains, nuts, fish, olive oil and fruits and vegetables, can cut your risk of developing heart disease by almost half.

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Michelle Obama Talks Family Nutrition & The Let’s Move! Campaign with Cooking Light

In the March issue of Cooking Light, First Lady Michelle Obama discusses the state of family dinner in America, the Let’s Move! Campaign, and more. The issue also introduced a healthy, fast and affordable cooking curriculum called “Let’s Cook” inspired by Mrs. Obama’s mission. Click through to find an easy and affordable recipe introduced in the “Let’s Cook” curriculum.

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Debunking Pasta Myths

Are you confused about what is myth and what is truth? When it comes to pasta and nutrition, there can be a lot of conflicting messages! From gluten to weight gain, it seems everyone has a different opinion on the matter! Our experts separate fact from fiction and break down some of the most common misconceptions about pasta.

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VIDEO: “Wine and Pasta Pairings”

We all know that wine and cheese make a great pair, but did you know wine could bring out the best in your pasta too? Certain wines enhance the flavor of pasta dishes, but knowing which wine to serve with meals can be tricky. Luckily, our chef Tina Ruggiero has a quick guide you can use anywhere, anytime. Click here to watch the video!

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Valentine’s Day Q&A With RD and Chef Alexa Bosshardt

Are you confused about what to cook for Valentine’s Day? Or are you going out but want to make sure you eat something that will fit into your diet? We’ve brought in chef and registered dietitian Alexa Bosshardt in to help! Chef Alexa even shares her favorite date night meals!

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